1/2 Hog

Ordering Options Explained


1/2 Hog

Please make a selection in each section below. All fields are mandatory. Chops will be 3/4” four to a pack and roasts 2-3 lbs unless otherwise noted.

$3.90/lb dressed weight

*One choice of type and flavor per half hog if nothing above was added *One or Two choices if anything was added for sausage

Any Comments for your order: *Please include when you would like to receive this order with the MONTH and YEAR, or simply put ASAP


1/2 Hog

Fill your freezer- The most economical option. You pay on the dressed weight and choose your own cuts. This can be one of our easy order packages or a custom order where you will choose each cut. There will be a wait time for your bulk order. Please check news from the farm before ordering for an estimate on the wait time. What is dressed weight? It is the carcass with hide & inedible parts removed. You will bring home about 50% of the dressed weight in finished product. Bone in cuts weigh more than boneless, leaving cuts as roasts will yield more weight than grinding for more burger, things like that are what determines your percentage. Regardless you’ll always have the same amount of usable beef. We also dry age our beef 3 weeks.